Credentials and Certifications



Licensed California Electrical Engineers

  • David Black E-17955
  • Derek Stewart E-17520
  • William Kwong E-19465
  • Eric Amaya E-21602
  • David Roose E-21274

Certified Project Management Professionals

  • Christopher Wawro, PMP #1977894
  • Christian Arechavaleta, PMP #2042831
  • Giovanni Arechavaleta, PMP #2278502

CAISO Authorized Meter Inspectors


I really enjoy working on projects with PPE; they are the most professional group of engineers I’ve ever met. PPE always provides a refreshing work atmosphere and the very best project planning, communication, job flow, and clear direction of anyone. Their thorough testing practices really build confidence in the reliability of your protection, control, and annunciation systems, and they’re always on-time and under budget.

Scott Hurd, Technician

Certifications and Associations

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