Arc-Flash Studies and Mitigation

Safety is everyone’s priority; knowing and mitigating the risks provides a safer work environment for personnel on the job.  NFPA 70E makes it the Owner’s responsibility to create and maintain this safe work environment to include identifying arc-flash hazards to its worker.  Additionally, the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that electrical equipment that is subject to examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized to be field marked with potential arc flash hazards.  An Arc-Flash risk assessment will identify the incident energy levels and arc flash boundaries allowing personnel to select the necessary personal protective equipment to service electrical equipment with live circuits.

Pacific Power Engineers (PPE) can provide comprehensive Arc-Flash risk assessment for new or existing electrical equipment in any facility.  PPE will work with owners and operators to reduce Arc-Flash incident energy levels through breaker settings adjustment, or installation of high-speed protection where there is currently none.  Breaker settings can also be coordinated to provide a more reliable and dependable electrical system, which in turn reduces the amount of downtime in an event of a fault.

One popular method that we often employ is to use protective devices that use the light emitted during an Arc-Flash event in conjunction with the sensed increase in current on the circuit to trip the breaker.  The light is sent to detectors in the protective device via fiber optics that can easily be installed into new and existing switchgear.

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