NERC PRC Compliance

PPE engineers understand current and future NERC standards.  We can help owners of Bulk Electric System (BES) equipment achieve compliance with the following: PRC-001, PRC-002, PRC-004, PRC-005, PRC-023, and PRC-025.

PRC-001 - System Protection Coordination

PPE can develop and provide a coordination study of protective systems to comply with PRC-001 using standard software commonly accepted in the industry.  We have the ability to coordinate your protection system with other entities.

PRC-002 – Disturbance Monitoring

PPE can evaluate a facility and implement any needed hardware and software solutions to provide the sequence of event (SOE) reporting, disturbance monitoring, and fault recording necessary to comply with the PRC-002 standard.

PRC-004 - Analysis and Mitigation of Transmission and Generation Protection System Misoperations

PPE can diagnose protection system misoperations, provide comprehensive corrective-action plans to rectify misoperations, and assist in their implementation.

PRC-005 Protection System Maintenance

PPE can evaluate protection systems and develop an appropriate, tailored Protection System Maintenance Program (PSMP) that meets the requirements of PRC-005.

PRC-019 Coordination of Generating Unit or Plant Capabilities, Voltage Regulating Controls, and Protection

PPE can assess your generating unit’s compliance by analyzing coordination between the generator’s capability curves, the voltage regulating system controls, and the applicable protective elements.

PRC-023 & PRC-025 Transmission and Generator Relay Loadability

PPE can coordinate transmission line, transformer, and generator relay settings for maximum loadability and provide owners with comprehensive documentation of relay settings for submission to Regional Entities.

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